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10 June 2014

Welcome to the first moosemail

The wide world of the web and online communication is changing all the time and we’re all constantly being bombarded by information.  This newsletter is not intended to add to the noise, but to distil just a few bits of information that might be useful to you as a website client of Waving Moose Communications.  Rest assured there will be no sales marketing or fatuous blogging about how marvellous we are - you will only receive this when there is information to share.  Nevertheless, please do just let me know if you would prefer not to receive it in future.

Best wishes, Sam


1. New .uk domains available today

From 10 June 2014 onwards there will be a new shorter .uk domain name available.  This is in addition to, etc, but intended to be more user friendly as it's shorter to write and remember.  This new extension also brings the UK in line with other large country-code registries such as .fr for France and .de for Germany.  Many people are saying that the .uk will become the new standard for UK based websites over time.  

The new .uk extension for your domain is available now if you want it.  If you are an existing or owner, you are guaranteed the .uk equivalent of your current address in addition to, or instead of the domain you already have  (with holders having priority).  Any unclaimed by 10 June 2019 become available to anyone else.  

If you are interested in adding a .uk domain and associating it with your website, let me know.  The initial cost will be £25 registration and set up.  Thereafter, renewal is the same as (most) other domains you have with us - £10pa.

2. Loads more domains on the way

2014 will see a big expansion generally in what are called “top-level domains”– the letters that follow the dot in website addresses.  The process is the part of a programme undertaken by the Internet gate-keeper ICANN to go from several dozen familiar top-level domains, such as .com and .net, to several hundred new ones, including brand names (.google), locations (.london) and specific  terms (.plumbing).  

Here is a list of the new domains currently available>>

They have different dates of release and prices.  If you are interested in any of them, let me know and I can advise about availability and cost of registration (and set up to point to your website if you wish).


Sitting on this lectern pontificating about stuff can be an awfully time-consuming business.   Besides Sam can’t keep up.  So she’s decided to give me a page on our website to keep my pearls of wisdom organised and available to everyone.

So you can now read news and advice and download briefing notes on a variety of web and marketing related topics at News & Briefing>>

I shall still be here though for any other questions.  Mainly because I don’t have my own legs.


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